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President at The Center for Research and Public Policy     

Rarely do I have an opportunity to recommend someone as highly as I do Bob Levy. Over many years, Bob had perhaps one of the toughest marketing/public relations jobs ever — moving people out of their own cars into some form of pooling, sharing, mass transit, telecommuting and on and on. He and his team met with great success and residents in the State of Connecticut benefited financially and environmentally as a result.

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Sales Engineering Manager, Total Communications, Inc.

In almost 25 years of designing, developing, and presenting technology solutions to business customers I have worked with hundreds of individuals in management positions at companies and organizations of just about every size and description. Over that period of time a handful have stood out in my mind for the dedication they show to their employers, their creativity, and their willingness to take on just about any task and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Near the top of that list is Bob Levy, whom I have had the distinct pleasure of working in his capacity at Rideworks for over 20 years. More than a marketing director, Bob was the high energy creative force for the organization with the ability to envision and implement solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, and execute those solutions on a limited budget. Bob is one of those people who can work with just about anybody, even in difficult circumstances. I highly recommend Bob Levy to any organization.

Jonathan KinzlerTheMEDIAagency logo
President and Founder, The Media Agency

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bob Levy over the years. I’ve always found Bob to be a forward thinking person who has his finger on the pulse of what is happening in both B2B and consumer marketing. He is a force behind the change to modernizing marketing, messaging and media usage and employs the most current best practices.  Bob is affable, has a great sense of humor, is a pleasure to work with and is a valuable asset to any organization that has the good fortune to have him aboard.

Jeff DurhamDurham Group
Brand Consultant, Integrated Marketing & Creative Consultant

Sharp. Experienced. Confident. Thorough. Fair minded. This is the Bob Levy I know. But in addition to these things I most closely associate with Bob as a professional, I also know him to have great command of his comprehensive knowledge of strategic marketing from brand development, to marketing strategy and planning, to digital and traditional media, PR and creative execution. I’ve seen all facets of his skill first-hand, because he has managed me and my advertising agency through multimedia campaigns on several occasions.

As a client, Bob’s the kind of person that inspires you to do well. You know you’re not just going through motions, you’re supporting a person who’s passionate about performing well himself.

Bob is someone you should highly consider in any situation.

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Partner & Creative Director, Odonnell Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Bob over many years, and on a range of projects. His creativity, attention to detail, and professionalism are unmatched. Bob has an extensive range of abilities based on real experience, so the projects he oversees always come out well and ultimately drive results. He also always brings a great attitude and sense of humor to his endeavors, which puts everyone at ease and transforms any work environment into an inspired place.

Dennis PetersHeavy Bag Media
Social Media Marketer, Director, Producer, Writer

My company produced a series of successful TV campaigns for Bob based on his strategy and marketing expertise. Things often move slowly at the State level and Bob was able to streamline the process to ensure that his vision was executed properly and efficiently. He’s a creative thinker who was exploring how to implement social media before it had a name.

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Creative Director, Cashman & Katz

I worked on a couple of marketing campaigns with Bob Levy and really enjoyed the experience. He’s a savvy marketer and he “gets” the creative process, making him a great client. Bob’s also a fun guy to be around, making him an even better client.

Dona VitaleDona Vitale
Market Research Consultant/Author of Consumer Insights 2.0

I’ve worked with Bob Levy over a period of many years, doing marketing research on a variety of projects. I always found him to be very creative and able to use the research to take a fresh look at the marketing challenges we identified. The results were a number of innovative marketing programs, and in addition, a client I always was pleased to work with!

Peggy HetheringtonRBS logo
Vice President, Senior Sustainability Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland / Citizens Bank

I’ve known Bob Levy since we both worked in radio at WPLR in New Haven and believed then that he had the “greatest voice in radio”! I was lucky to be able to continue to work with him when our career paths merged in marketing transit and ridesharing, and Bob continued to create some of the most creative and impactful radio, print and online campaigns in the country, as shown by the success of the Shore Line East, Telecommute Connecticut and other programs. Bob was an early adopter of digital media to reach commuters and expertly used the web to organize information in ways that commuters could understand. He has a 360-degree understanding of all types of media and has successfully worked in a very difficult field; changing people’s commuting habits, experience that will be valuable for any type of marketing challenge.